1- There are several sites that are accepting donations .

2- We accept donations of local historical significance.

3- The university is also accepting donations from individuals.

4- Both clubs also began accepting donations to help those affected .

5- I sell ads, and accept donations .

6- The app will continue accepting donations until January 6th 2013.

7- Do you accept donations for the sale?

8- Land trusts buy or accept donations of land in fee.

9- We are accepting donations of any type of outdoor sporting equipment.

10- The play is free, but the troupe accepts donations .

11- When 20 cr target was met, AAP stopped accepting donations .

12- Public banks accept donations to be used for anyone in need.

13- The family will no longer be accepting donations form this site.

14- It is accepting donations through its International Response Fund .

15- The charity stopped accepting donations in May 2010 and was later dissolved.

16- The family also is accepting donations through a Gofundme page .

17- RVRC also proudly accepts donations of all kinds.

18- For this event, we're only accepting donations .

19- On 15 June 2011, WikiLeaks began accepting donations in Bitcoin.

20- We also accept donations of historical items, subject to certain conditions.

21- In addition to accepting donations , he started to actively pursue specimens.

22- We are accepting donations in the form of rare and sacred books.

23- Kirlin plans to have a booth to accept donations .

24- Most of them will accept donations to Smile Train.

25- Our merchandise will be sale and we will be accepting donations !

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