1- The snubby is an acceptable solution to the problem.

2- How is that an acceptable solution ?

3- For each, the problem is detailed and an acceptable solution is suggested.

4- Her goal is to seek mutually acceptable solutions within the framework of international institutions.

5- It involves seeking acceptable solutions to problems through an exchange of views and information.

6- If an acceptable solution is obvious, go on to the next step.

7- Anyway the above might make an acceptable solution to some of your readers.

8- Neither creative nor conventional paths will necessarily lead to an acceptable solution in every case.

9- The government gave written agreement to arrive at a mutually acceptable solution in three months.

10- Grigory Yavlinsky: I think they have found a mutually acceptable solution .

11- He agreed to go to Rome himself to try to obtain an acceptable solution .

12- If I am terminated, that is an acceptable solution ." "Very well.

13- If Microsoft can not deliver an acceptable solution ASAP they will lose that market forever.

14- Unfortunately , for long sequences (one week), it is not acceptable solution .

15- The most plausible and financially acceptable solutions concern the middle and lower reaches of the Tay.

16- FBA can give a large number of mathematically acceptable solutions to the steady-state problem __FORMULA__.

17- Fairly obviously, this is not one of those situations where this is an acceptable solution .

18- Malaysia also hopes that both sides would adopt a moderate approach and find a mutually acceptable solution .

19- Analytical X-ray astronomy is applied to an astronomy puzzle in an attempt to provide an acceptable solution .

20- Finally, they need to believe that there is an acceptable solution or alternative to current policies.

21- If mutual trust is established, it can possibly help the Myanmar government plan a mutually acceptable solution .

22- Fishbowl develops consensus piece: Begin with the shared POVs then recognize conflicts and seek acceptable solutions .

23- Without it individuals would have had a choice as to which of the acceptable solutions to adopt.

24- If this is not an acceptable solution , then you may want to consider different fish, unfortunately.


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