1- Many people think scientific experimentation on animals is unacceptable.

2- Failing to acknowledge help that has been offered is a real discourtesy, and is simply unacceptable in polite company.

3- It is sometimes acceptable to resort to violence.

4- The union is working with administrators in an attempt to reconcile their two very different agendas in a way that is acceptable to both parties.

5- Some people find it unacceptable to do medical research on animals.

6- Children need to have clear boundaries set for them as to what is acceptable behavior, and what is not.

7- He proposal was not acceptable.

8- Many health professionals believe that spanking a child is no longer an acceptable form of punishment.

9- It has been suggested that discrimination against fat people is the last acceptable form of discrimination in our society.

10- His ideas are too radical to be acceptable to most people.

11- Racist comments against others are totally unacceptable, no matter what the circumstances.

12- Continued child poverty in this country is an outrage and is unacceptable in a country as wealthy as ours.

13- Two hundred years ago, it was considered acceptable to torture suspected criminals in order to obtain a confession.

14- Discussion question: Is it acceptable for couples to embrace in public in your culture? emergeIsrael and the P.

15- L.

16- O.

17- have not been able to decide on an acceptable venue for the peace talks.

18- Discussion question: Is defiance of the law acceptable if the law is unfair? degreeDiscussion question: What do you think an acceptable minimum wage in this country should be?Some people may think living together before marriage is immoral, but I think nowadays most people find it acceptable.

19- The tobacco company's long association with the sporting event came to an end when it was no longer found to be acceptable for cigarette companies to sponsor sports.

20- Restricting access to pornography is seen by some as unacceptable censorship.

21- His work was acceptable, but far from excellent.

22- It is socially unacceptable for women to be assertive in my culture.

23- George Carlin once said that comedy is a socially acceptable form of hostility and aggression.

24- Discussion question: Is it acceptable to put animals through agony in order to further scientific knowledge? agricultureDiscussion question: Is it sometimes acceptable to tell a lie? liftConditions at the company changed drastically after a report was published suggesting that it was exposing its workers to unacceptable hazards.

25- For modern computer-based learning, one computer for every 10 students is an acceptable, though not ideal, ratio.

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