1- Corporate governance and accountability are being strengthened.

2- The auditor's report underlines the need for more accountability in the awarding of government contracts.

3- accountability was not very high on their list.

4- And they argue that the military is able to discuss its operations, adding a layer of public accountability.

5- And they think they avoid accountability.

6- Being in a position of authority or accountability.

7- For it is only when legal accountability enters the picture that the culture impunity is defeated.

8- Haley says it gives the school $12 million with no accountability attached.

9- I'm hoping that my presence there will let them know that we're pushing for accountability,"" she said."

10- I think there needs to be some accountability so this doesn't happen again,"" he said."

11- Legislation this year must also enhance police accountability, transparency and community trust.

12- Robert Johnson supports criminal accountability, but worries this flirts with entrapment.

13- That sentiment of personal accountability was heard throughout the locker room.

14- 'The auditor general agreed with us that there is no transparency and no accountability.

15- There is no accountability -- no chain of command.

16- There's a high level of accountability while this is all going on, and I really appreciate that."""

17- What I'm describing is accountability - a common-sense, middle ground approach,"" he said."

18- In dissent, Chief Justice John Roberts said this belies the demand there be more democratic accountability.

19- This is allowing for punishment but no accountability on the part of the water district and cities.

20- 'Absence of accountability at the VA has been the underlying issue for years.

21- 'By refusing to publish the legal basis for these attacks, the Government has created a legal and accountability vacuum.

22- 'I really believe we need police accountability.

23- 'Iraq needs to ensure individual accountability for crimes, whether by Sunni extremists or Shia militiamen," Stork said.

24- 'They do what they want to without any accountability,' he said.

25- 'This accountability blueprint isn't a suggestion,' she wrote in the New York Times.

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