1- By leaching off the ambient radio signals, the camera gathered enough energy every 35 minutes to take a snap.

2- The styles it covers range from avant-rock and jazz to ambient.

3- This site plays ambient sounds of people gathering, ranging from a bistro to a morning coffee shop.

4- Beautiful ambient background music tracks Harmonized sound effects Share your progress on Facebook!

5- The new Rode Stereo VideoMic is targeted toward ambient sounds and is suggested for music.

6- A simple stethoscope, for example, is rendered relatively useless in flight because of all the ambient noise.

7- ambient Intelligence Research Group * Philips Research.

8- Apple suggests 32 Fahrenheit as the lowest operating ambient temperature.

9- At a certain point, it's just ambient noise.'

10- Ghislain Poirier is now making ambient, electronic chamber music under the moniker Boundary.

11- It is much more ambient, more spacious," adds Ditlevson.

12- Lights will be ambient, allowing for the artwork to be spotlighted drawing specific attention to each unique piece.

13- Siegel said ambient temperature may be a major factor.

14- The ambient temperature is modeled as a voltage source.

15- The faint sound of a breeze was taken from ambient sounds on a street like the one depicted in the scene.

16- The Museum plans to take that technology even further through its own central computer, ambient Intelligence ("amb-i").

17- Allowing ambient air to flow over, and if possible behind, PV modules reduces this problem.

18- ambient music may often consist merely of recordings of wildlife or nature.

19- ambient music will play under the sounds of barked orders from the instructor.

20- ambient noise levels can impede both collection of the initial and subsequent voice samples.

21- And Death Cube K was the title of some vicious ambient group that he had produced.

22- At 3000 feet altitude (almost 1000 meters), the ambient pressure is almost 90% of sea level pressure.

23- At ambient pressure and temperature, vinyl chloride is a gas with a sickly sweet odor.

24- Awards * EMCI, Natura Uomo ambiente, 8th Symposio Ecologico International, Napoli 1979 * Right Livelihood Award (a.k.a.

25- Bands like Korai rm and Msfl (also check Myster Mobius) started, playing ambient, psychedelic music.

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