1- In 1999, liberalization of foreign exchange markets ameliorated this constraint somewhat.

2- Promises were made by the company which ameliorated the situation, the crews went back to work.

3- The Anglo-Saxon population was ameliorated because they viewed Edith as one of their own.

4- Any alleged damage to defendant's reputation may well be ameliorated by plaintiff's voluntary dismissal of the action, her order said.

5- This can usually be ameliorated by frequent breastfeeding sessions of sufficient duration to stimulate adequate milk production.

6- 941077 The problems were ameliorated when Wright took over engine production in 1954. 24.7661

7- The perfume essential oil in longan peel was extracted by ameliorated simultaneous distillation extraction.

8- Results: T-588 administration successfully prevented motoneuron loss and ameliorated the choline acetyltransferase immunoreactivity in the ipsilateral nucleus ambiguus after vagal nerve avulsion.

9- The prolonged time of postconcussional syndrome at each time period of posttraumatic amnesia is longer, and the symptoms are not ameliorated within half a year.

10- Conclusion By the surgery of embedding deep dorsal vein of penis, the RI of the artery in penile cavernous tissue can be ameliorated and then the erectile function can be enhanced.

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