1- The amendments were unanimously approved by the membership.

2- A copy of the suggested amendments has been sent to the members for their consideration.

3- The amendments facilitating the divorce process have not resulted in the dramatic increase in the rate of divorce that some had predicted.

4- Any amendments to the minutes of the meeting have to be approved by the Board.

5- At least 22 states have adopted equal rights amendments in their constitutions."

6- But they urged colleagues to avoid amendments that aren't germane.

7- Government House Leader Michel Samson is promising to have another look at some of those amendments.

8- Hinterberger said he hadn't read the amendments yet but read about the developments in the news.

9- In 2005, amendments were made to U.S. Bankruptcy Code Section 707(b) that created the means test."""

10- Ladies and gentlemen, Some other recommendations from the expert groups would also require amendments.

11- One of those amendments, offered by Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Ala.

12- The IHR has provisions for making amendments.

13- The parliamentary committee on Tuesday considered about a dozen amendments to the bill, but voted them all down.

14- 'We approved the protocol without any amendments,' Ulida said.

15- A Republican-backed effort led to management-friendly amendments to the law in 1947.

16- A special parliamentary session to approve the amendments could be held before the end of the month, Lazar said.

17- A total of 39 speakers signed up to speak to the law amendments committee.

18- According to these amendments, Ukraine should become a federal state.

19- amendments could surface at a Senate hearing Friday.

20- amendments to pleadings are governed by Fed.

21- amendments to the Gender Equality in Employment Act (???????) and to the Criminal Code (??) were also passed.

22- Bill S-6, amendments that came under the rug after seven years of consultation," says Silver.

23- Congress has the authority to block both amendments by Nov. 1 of this year.

24- Conservative-minded Republicans had hoped to use the bill to scupper the immigration plan by tagging on the amendments.

25- Fey says that Morris' legislation has some significant flaws, and he hopes to change it through amendments.

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