1- In addition, to counter antitank rifles, in 1943 the Ausf.

2- However, it was not designed to provide protection from antitank weapons.

3- Its remaining inhabitants built and manned antitank defenses, while the city was bombarded from the air.

4- Rockingham relied on well-placed antitank guns and machine-gun positions, fighting off the forces of two panzer divisions.

5- The SNM possessed antitank weapons such as Soviet B-10 tubes and RPG-7s.

6- This led to a new 6.5 in (16.5 cm) shaped charge antitank warhead being developed.

7- antitank-Gun - antitank-Guns are ground turrets that must first be placed by the Land-Armor, then they attack enemies from that position.

8- As he rounded a turn he encountered an 88-mm. antitank gun at pointblank range.

9- The flak corps above all provided additional antitank support for the German ground forces.

10- The warhead technology developed for the M31 was used for the future M72 LAW antitank rocket.

11- Arguments that some of the skills practised by pupils are obsolete fall on deaf ears, or are heeded only very slowly.30, For example, new antitank missiles, particularly when used from helicopters, are making main battle tanks obsolete.

12- Rifle grenades, land mines, dynamite, antitank guns, mortar shells.

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