1- They travelled the globe to find interesting artworks to sell in their gallery.

2- I find his artwork quite bland and boring.

3- He never seems to take risks or try something new.

4- Discussion question: Should publicly-funded construction projects be required to allocate a certain part of their budget to purchasing artworks for the buildings? allowHe has gone on several diving expeditions to the wreck of the Andrea Doria, where he was able to recover china, glassware, unique pieces of jewelry and many famous artworks.

5- The Royal British Columbia Museum features beautiful exhibits of native Indian artwork.

6- American sculptor Henry Moore made some really interesting artworks.

7- This artwork excited much controversy in the world of art.

8- The making of artworks is both a persistent and vital aspect of the experience of being human.

9- The artwork of M.

10- C.

11- Escher is famous for producing illusions where you aren't really sure what you are seeing, or the image seems to make the impossible possible.

12- A Japanese businessman bought the artwork for million yen.

13- The artwork of Andy Warhol frequently emphasizes his taste for commercial images.

14- Italian rulers of the fifteenth century sought to glorify themselves by building palaces and country houses decorated with artworks both new and from ancient cultures.

15- A popular theme in Karen's artwork has always been the relationship between mothers and daughters.

16- Sophie's artwork is noteworthy for its uniqueness and creativity.

17- She really has a style all her own.

18- unitMany of the artworks of Jasper Johns explore the boundary between everyday objects and the work of art.

19- Italian police announced today the discovery of a number of previously stolen priceless artworks in an abandoned house in Naples.

20- Native people are determined to repatriate many ancient artworks that were taken out of the country by various museums over the years.

21- The little girl was bursting with pride when her teacher showed her artwork to the class.

22- How can anyone like his artwork? I think it's all a pile of crap.

23- They displayed their children's artwork on the walls of their living room.

24- The government has announced that 5% of construction costs for government buildings must be set aside for funding for artworks.

25- He was very diplomatic in his criticism of her artwork.

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