1- Everybody loved being around him,"" OSU football player Joe Ramstetter told CBS affiliate WBNS in Columbus."

2- He sees great potential, and the kids like being around him.

3- being around a constant complainer is exhausting and irritating, but it can impact us in subtle ways as well.

4- being around him, I'm just happy here.'

5- Both are described as being around 18 years old.

6- Both are lonely despite always being around people; both have been injured by their parents' broken relationships.

7- Despite not playing for the past month, Inniss has benefited from being around a first-team environment.

8- For me, the buzz was and still is all about the music and being around people who feel the same way.

9- He just loved being around those kids.'

10- He said police were nervous about him being around because of his past.

11- I had to sit him down and explain to him about people getting older, and loved ones not always being around anymore.

12- I think people may be nervous being around him, even after the quarantine, she said.

13- In his free time he enjoyed being around horses and watching sports.

14- It was never easy, especially being around people who aren't really doing anything with their lives."

15- Just being around my family made the world of difference to me, having them all there and supportive.

16- Q: What's it like being around each other 24/7 when you're on the road?

17- Second hand alcohol has never been an issue being around a drunk won't make me drunk or fail a sobriety test.

18- The suspect is described as being around 5'5", with an average build.

19- The suspects-a male and female-are described as being around 18 years old and with thin builds.

20- Ward off negativity by looking for things that give you energy, as opposed to being around folks like that."

21- We'll cut him a break though, maybe Sean's rusty from not being around in 2012.

22- You posed a clear and imminent danger to that child just by being around her.

23- I enjoy being around people that can laugh at themselves and enjoy humor.

24- It's also that aura of being around Clint Eastwood that propels you to be better.

25- A further problem for the pair was Jackson's insistence on being around children.

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