1- The chest is deep without being broad.

2- The administrative inaction is being widely criticized.

3- A further nine locations are currently being assessed.

4- So busy busy busy besides being somewhat lazy.

5- Its key provisions are being hidden elsewhere.

6- She suffered many years before being diagnosed.

7- A rabbit being removed during night netting.

8- The truth however is still being concealed.

9- The staff are efficient without being intrusive.

10- A pig being reared under intensive farming conditions.

11- What statistically proven regime was being proposed here?

12- The relevant characteristic here is being accountable.

13- Master planned communities are being built rapidly.

14- A third person involved is being sought.

15- This same mistake is being made today.

16- The entire watershed is being studied during 2013.

17- The finance being discussed seems pretty big.

18- Ethnic music collections are aggressively being expanded.

19- The questions being raised are valid ones.

20- That condition was already being applied through agency policy.

21- Bodies are carefully examined before being removed.

22- I saw altogether four aircraft being shot down.

23- This fragrant herb is being carefully tended!

24- Whose brutality is being revealed here today?

25- The best access point was still being determined.

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