1- bullies are often actually cowards because they usually pick on someone smaller and weaker than themselves.

2- In general, as they get older, children who are bullies find that they have fewer and fewer friends.

3- bullies always pick on the weakest kids to push around.

4- Alex Abramovich is the author of 'bullies : A Friendship,' which will be published in March, 2016.

5- Ed Mazza Overnight Editor, The Huffington Post Here's one way to handle racist online bullies : Drown them out.

6- 'I'm here because I can't stand ACLU bullies ,' he said.

7- Student Nick Thoms says even though he's straight, he's also often been the target of homophobic bullies .

8- His older brother Julius constantly bullies him.

9- 'Bystanders give bullies the fuel,' McMahon told the Great Neck pupils.

10- 'I hate bullies , the strong picking on the weak, so I thought I'd do something about it,' he said.

11- 'Our prisons are filled with bullies who couldn't stop bullying.

12- Brad Knudson went on YouTube to expose the alleged bullies who he said targeted his 14-year-old daughter.

13- bullies don't like to be confronted with the truth.

14- Do you just call out the bullies or include micromanaging control freaks, as well?

15- He added that some victims of bullies also are bullies themselves, 'so it's not always black and white."

16- He is later accused of plagiarism in some of his speeches and writings, including in "Government bullies ."

17- He remains a bully and bullies understand only one thing……….

18- His bullies should also be held accountable.

19- His staff became bullies because they were allowed to become bullies .

20- I hope Terry continues to stand up to these bullies .'

21- I want to get the message through to the bullies that it's not okay.

22- I wrote a letter to all those faceless, gutless bullies .

23- If they have a regular jury, then they can intimidate the jurors and witnesses, that is what bullies do.

24- In Martin's case is was possible suicide, but later instead just joining the bullies .

25- Like the schoolyard bullies they are, the media went after him for his vulnerability.

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