1- The area was closed off while police investigated.

2- The building and surrounding roads were closed off.

3- The others are either closed off or full of junk,"" Oksana said."

4- Women fleeing gang rapes, children fleeing horrors we cannot even imagine, they would be closed off.'

5- 'They've closed off Vilnius Street, who knows why?'

6- An odd number of squares are randomly closed off for play.

7- And don't be closed off to getting outside help if necessary. 5. View your spouse through a soft focus lens.

8- Authorities closed off several blocks of Watson as a result.

9- Dubai's sister market ADX in the UAE capital Abu Dhabi closed off five percent at a five-month low at 4,286.49.

10- In "Aces and Eights," Genosha has closed off its borders.

11- In true Latino tradition, the ceremony closed off with some music.

12- Lanes were already closed off because of construction.

13- Many middle-skill career pathways are becoming closed off to those without a bachelor's degree, the report concluded.

14- Nearby roads were closed off and traffic was blocked until the bombs were secured and recovered.

15- Others have been closed off to cross traffic.

16- SFU has a significant ability to reach that dark, dark area in your soul that you thought was closed off forever.

17- The area was closed off for the police investigation, but has since reopened.

18- The area was closed off to motorists but has since reopened.

19- The compound is closed off by metal fencing covered with a white tarp, and guarded around the clock by security guards.

20- The incident closed off Bank Street from Cooper to James Streets.

21- The neighborhood will be closed off for several hours.

22- The QuikTrip, a meeting place for protesters on past nights, was closed off.

23- The road was immediately closed off in order to prevent injuries.

24- The S&P 500 and Nasdaq had been down about 1%, but closed off 0.4% and 0.5%, respectively.

25- The small size of the venue is also an advantage, because access to the town can be closed off quickly.

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