1- The athlete was left without a shred of self-confidence after his disastrous comeback attempt.

2- She's quick on her feet, so no matter what you say to her, she'll have a witty comeback.

3- He has made a fine comeback on the stage.

4- Japan is a famous comeback story after Would War II.

5- A good comeback if your manager has this habit is to answer, 'Yes, of course.

6- As things stand right now, though, the chances of HTC making a big comeback are very slim at best.

7- But remember, this is indeed the year of the comeback, within games, within series.

8- Coach Greg Vanney called it a remarkable comeback."""

9- Could Florence's comeback include a stop at Glasto?

10- Happy to hear they are making a comeback.

11- Long a punching bag of urban-focused economic prognosticators, rural areas are making a comeback of sorts.

12- Monfils' comeback in the third set include a between-the-legs shot from the baseline that set up a winning point.

13- So what's the secret to a great comeback?

14- They just cut down their presence and are now looking for a comeback."

15- This has been a season for the ages for WSU, which pulled off a storybook comeback win last Saturday at UCLA.

16- We know they're very capable of a comeback, and they did that against us in 2012.

17- When DJ/producer Diplo teased Taylor Swift about her backside, Lorde jumped in with a fiery comeback.

18- While country music loves a comeback story, CMA voters may consider Chesney an all-around winner.

19- You think about all we've been through, they've always comeback."

20- 'Making a comeback after giving birth to my third child was not easy.

21- A comeback for Governor Chirs Christie?

22- A day earlier, the Blue Jays pulled off the second-biggest comeback in their history.

23- A power struggle within his party after his departure opened the door for a comeback.

24- A short-handed goal by Colin Downey and goals by Matt Rubinoff and Harry Matheson completed the comeback.

25- After all, she is married to The comeback Kid.

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