1- The occasional auto accidents where vehicles struck houses became commonplace .

2- This commonplace practice had previously passed without comment.

3- These releases were commonplace until late 2001.

4- This is why divorce is so commonplace .

5- Wars between nations or faiths are commonplace .

6- Such battles were commonplace on every bridgehead.

7- This feature is commonplace on larger gear head drill presses.

8- This practice is still commonplace today in marine steam plant.

9- Accidents involving these " bomb trains " are becoming commonplace .

10- These functions are so commonplace among mobile monitoring software.

11- Public parking deals will become more commonplace .

12- For example, moot courts are commonplace .

13- Virtual servers and desktops are now commonplace .

14- Brain operations should become a standard and commonplace treatment.

15- Suicide bombers and sneak attacks on security forces are commonplace .

16- How do you solve such commonplace problems miles away?

17- Divorce is commonplace in this evil generation.

18- Chinese hackers have had composite fines and patterns throughout commonplace history.

19- In fact escape from custody was then commonplace .

20- Location aware applications for mobile have become commonplace .

21- Commercial transactions involving hundreds of thousands of coins were commonplace .

22- The present spelling became commonplace in the 18th century.

23- Stories of brutality and complete anarchy are almost commonplace .

24- Increasing wealth has meant that holidays abroad are now commonplace .

25- This kind of growth is especially commonplace in developing countries.

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