1- The building bricks depicted colourful hand painted scenes.

2- It suggests perfect positive correlation coefficient depicting high degree linear relationship.

3- Angels are usually depicted wearing white robes.

4- Concept maps help depict such connections graphically.

5- However art depicting supernatural subjects was very popular.

6- Art depicting military themes has existed throughout history.

7- Marissa is depicted several times drinking alcohol alone behind locked doors.

8- These are usually depicted through picture cards.

9- Sexual intercourse is depicted through simple graphic outlines.

10- Figure 2 depicts a very old yard crane.

11- It depicts idealized peasants involved in seasonal countryside activities.

12- It does show nudity depicted in famous paintings.

13- The above block diagram depicts an isolating forward converter.

14- Several maps depicting the flight are included.

15- He is often depicted riding a huge wolf.

16- How does news coverage depict minorities and crime?

17- They often choose to depict historical scenes.

18- HR has been depicted in several popular media.

19- The diagram below depicts such an entry point.

20- The following figure depicts the control chart.

21- Figure 1 depicts demand and supply functions.

22- His comic romances often depicted stereotypical representations of thwarted passions.

23- This arrangement is depicted in figure 2.

24- Mermaid corpses were depicted by plaster models.

25- There are three videos depicting her death.

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