1- Perhaps " depressed " is more accurate.

2- Old sect big temples were depressed under civil wars.

3- I am really feeling very unhappy & depressed .

4- Their findings indicate measurable differences between normal and depressed women.

5- This patient had a depressed immune system.

6- Sara grew increasingly dissatisfied and more depressed .

7- I became seriously depressed for several days.

8- The stock market was a depressed area again yesterday.

9- They may feel overwhelmingly depressed or angry.

10- A bored bunny may become depressed or destructive.

11- Some patients experiencing fatigue problem may feel sad or depressed .

12- I am trying to fight getting depressed .

13- New treatment opportunities for elderly depressed patients.

14- I was either totally anxious or totally depressed .

15- The rigid government rules pressurized the depressed climbers.

16- Max becomes depressed and stops attending school.

17- They may become extremely anxious and depressed .

18- Willow becomes very depressed and doubts herself.

19- A depressed mood is a common symptom.

20- I was pretty seriously depressed for years afterward.

21- You frequently lack motivation and frequently feel depressed .

22- I was really feeling so depressed today.

23- This depressed woman has a male child.

24- A depressed person is desperate to feel better.

25- I was really down, really depressed ".

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