1- The next phase is completely self directed dissertation .

2- This dissertation is divided into three main parts.

3- This article is based upon her degree dissertation .

4- His doctoral dissertation examined voting behavior in presidential primary elections.

5- All students undertake independent interdisciplinary research towards a dissertation .

6- One student has successfully defended the doctoral dissertation .

7- I found writing my dissertation really interesting.

8- The practical project is examined by written dissertation .

9- The committee signed off on the dissertation !

10- The dissertation reviews literature relevant to church growth theory and strategy.

11- A public oral presentation of the dissertation is required.

12- Students hone the requisite research skills to conduct dissertation research.

13- You raise issues that require a long dissertation .

14- Project and dissertation options are closely linked to staff research interests.

15- Assessment is by coursework plus the dissertation .

16- A satisfactory dissertation must utilize proper citational practices throughout.

17- In 1936 he completed his doctoral dissertation .

18- A public oral defense of the dissertation is required.

19- My committee for my dissertation was outstanding!

20- The actual questions are related to your proposed dissertation topic.

21- I was again assured my dissertation was on track.

22- It does not fund thesis or dissertation research.

23- His dissertation is available from the abandoned project home page.

24- His dissertation included several works composed during his studies there.

25- The book is based on his doctoral dissertation .

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