1- Nearly every land doctrine is worth researching.

2- Actual awards under infringement doctrines vary considerably.

3- The remaining doctrines are treated very briefly.

4- The driver urged the emergency doctrine defense.

5- Many ministers actually promote doctrines which encourage sexual sins.

6- But justification is never merely a doctrine .

7- Facing the big elephant means facing religious doctrine .

8- Both doctrines are rooted in works salvation.

9- A "spirit" is a doctrine .

10- This doctrine has been under discussion for several years.

11- The source of false doctrine is demonic.

12- The four walls doctrine has been invoked in subsequent cases.

13- Green represents primarily the reaction against such doctrines .

14- Air combat tactics and doctrines took advantage.

15- In truth the doctrines speak quite harshly against homosexuality .

16- The doctrines were sound but something vital was missing.

17- But are doctrine and theology really unimportant?

18- The doctrine of faithful endurance is infinitely serious.

19- Pentecost and marital faithfulness are inseparable doctrines !

20- The collateral fact doctrine has two principal flaws.

21- A similar situation pertains to false doctrine .

22- In addition, current doctrine is ambitious.

23- Traditional naval doctrine envisioned naval combat fought between opposing battleship gun lines.

24- This includes a nuclear doctrine of credible minimum deterrence.

25- This doctrine is proved also by infant baptism.

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