1- Connections to me should be encrypted!' and allowing browsers to understand and act on that message."

2- Don't bother encrypting the SD card because you can pop this out and keep it rather than wipe it.

3- encryption is still not widely used.

4- encryption protects against cybercriminals, industrial competitors, the Chinese secret police and the FBI.

5- The countries that do place controls on encryption are uncomfortable bedfellows for a democracy.

6- They crack encryption on devices, unlock cellphones and disassemble laptops.

7- This encryption is weak, of course, at the insistence of security agencies and police.

8- 'We are scanning them and leaving them in their own charts, their encrypted charts,' he added, chuckling.

9- A WPA2 encryption built into the router will protect you.

10- Among the nine machines in the exhibit are two that visitors can use to encrypt and decrypt their own messages.

11- Among the policy mistakes: User sessions were not encrypted, contrary to standard practice on financial websites.

12- Besim and the boy planned the massacre through encrypted emails.

13- Big Internet players are launching a free certificate authority they call Let's encrypt.

14- Bloomberg even reported that NSA did know and had been exploiting the mistake in encryption.

15- But it's not real encryption because we have no way of inspecting the code to see if there are backdoors.

16- But not so serious that we encrypted your PII.

17- But some security experts said a stolen credential by itself shouldn't be an all-access pass to encrypted data.

18- But that doesn't mean that encryption is bad.

19- By this, the user may encrypt and de-crypt his e-mails also on his iPhone, Android or Blackberry smartphone.

20- Can the state access encrypted communications?

21- Can we do better encryption/decryption?

22- Chats will also have another layer of encryption by virtue of using TOR.

23- Companies can purchase the enhanced level of encryption as part its enterprise services.

24- DES encryption was included "because I couldn't imagine how you could do networking without encryption," he said.

25- encryption applied at each hop along this route makes it very hard to connect a person to any particular activity.

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