1- The striking workers are enthusiastic about the deal their negotiators have apparently worked out for them with management.

2- I wanted to invite my family to supper on Sunday, but when I talked to my husband about it, he didn't seem very enthusiastic about the idea.

3- Many teenagers are enthusiastic consumers of fast food.

4- Charles Kingsley once observed that we act as though comfort and luxury were the chief requirements of life, when all that we need to make us happy is something to be enthusiastic about.

5- Someone once wrote that if you can't get enthusiastic about your work, it's time to get alarmed - something is wrong.

6- He hid his emotions and pretended to be enthusiastic.

7- Though initially skeptical of my suggestion, the boss became quite enthusiastic once I had explained it to him.

8- He pretends to be enthusiastic when his boss is around.

9- EldadHe has many enthusiastic supporters.

10- The applause was polite, but somewhat unenthusiastic, after the first performance of the play.

11- He is enthusiastic about tennis.

12- The students enthusiastically supported the suggestion of taking a couple of days' break from homework.

13- Jamie is really enthusiastic about his new job, and talks about it all the time.

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15- Addington Bruce once suggested that the man or woman of enthusiastic trend always exercises a magnetic influence over those with whom he or she comes in contact.

16- Find someone who is enthusiastic about studying English.

17- entireJackson Brown once noted that we're constantly striving for success, fame and comfort when all we really need to be happy is someone or something to be enthusiastic about.

18- When giving a presentation, be enthusiastic - it will help to make your audience stay interested in what you have to say.

19- The students were really enthusiastic about visiting the chocolate factory for a tour.

20- He always stands off when people are enthusiastic.

21- George is very enthusiastic about his new job.

22- CNHis speech met with enthusiastic applause.

23- He became enthusiastic about personal computers.

24- Janet was very enthusiastic when I suggested going camping with a group of friends next weekend.

25- enthusiastic Canadian fans began to sing "O Canada" in the final minutes of the 2002 Olympics gold medal hockey game.

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