1- The necessary police regulations are exceedingly burdensome.

2- The landscape in view was exceedingly fine.

3- What the heck does " exceedingly rare" mean?

4- His speech was both thoughtful and exceedingly interesting.

5- Their manner of advancing was exceedingly imposing.

6- The home side played exceedingly well".

7- The evolutionary process may be exceedingly slow.

8- The traditional style of wedding is becoming exceedingly rare.

9- These six are exceedingly far from masterpieces.

10- Both are exceedingly low by terrestrial standards.

11- The salon was small and exceedingly hot.

12- Organic search engine ranking is also exceedingly powerful .

13- The volunteers had proved themselves exceedingly liable to panic.

14- It was very impressive and looked exceedingly dangerous.

15- It was exceedingly hot inside the car.

16- It is exceedingly personal, exceedingly individualized.

17- It is exceedingly personal, exceedingly individualized.

18- Many US emergency departments are exceedingly busy.

19- During October cavalry operations were exceedingly active.

20- Fortunately, such occurrences are exceedingly rare.

21- It touches topics that are exceedingly remote and incredibly practical.

22- With the officers he was exceedingly strict.

23- The winter had been exceedingly sad to me.

24- This campaign has been exceedingly harsh on the men.

25- The view from this point is exceedingly fine.

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