1- I removed him from a failing school .

2- Traditionally, failing schools are privatized and are called renaissance schools.

3- They are more likely to attend failing schools and face harsher school discipline.

4- It will prevent the taking of prompt action to improve failing schools .

5- But do takeovers of failing schools actually help students and teachers perform better ?

6- Is a school in "Need of Improvement" a failing school ?

7- Families will have new options if their children are stuck in failing schools .

8- In some cases, the CCEE can also intervene in failing schools .

9- No one is saying that teachers are bad or are solely responsible for failing schools .

10- It is children in quietly failing schools who will lose out, she fears.

11- Fighetti maintained that none of the 700 -plus students enrolled in another failing school .

12- The percentage of failing schools rose by one point from the previous school year.

13- Romney is against failing schools .

14- Why shouldn't good schools expand or take over failing schools or form federations?

15- There are no failing schools .

16- No. Chicago kids are doing better but we know that there are still failed schools .

17- Black students are harmed more than any other race as a result of failing schools .

18- RRMA was NOT judged to be a failing school and is working to improving standards .

19- The argument for charter schools is often made specifically for failing school systems in large urban areas .

20- Arkansas has 587 failing schools .

21- Once a failing school , George Hall has become one of Alabama's highest performers.

22- Reporter: Studies show it takes five to seven years to make a failing school thrive.

23- A failing school in Leeds has had to resort to teaching English as a foreign language.

24- Obama wants 5,000 failing schools to close, and then reopen with new principals and teachers.

25- The percentage of failing schools differs across states with the toughness of the state's proficiency standards.

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