1- The very oldest seeds were falling off .

2- The cold pipe fell off his knee.

3- My sling backs keep falling off my heels.

4- My baby fell off the bed too.

5- My baby daughter fell off my bed too!

6- Training had fallen off during the years.

7- Alabama football fell off sharply in 1948.

8- I too fell off the food blog wagon.

9- Old leaves can turn purple colours before falling off .

10- Within 10 minutes the whole mess fell off .

11- The beef was totally falling off the bone.

12- Opinions are divided on whether falling off should constitute a forfeit.

13- But the numbers of children fell off .

14- I felt bits of me were falling off .

15- Last hormones used ten years ago it starts to fall off .

16- The next minute he fell off his stool.

17- He completely fell off once he got his money.

18- Too much wind causes the leaves to fall off early.

19- I went scuba diving and my ring was falling off .

20- While drying off light figure in bathroom falls off and breaks.

21- The flour mix totally fell off in the oil.

22- Another horse slips causing the jockey to fall off .

23- A team loses if both partners fall off their individual platforms.

24- Today my 9 month fell off the couch.

25- Last night my 8 month baby boy fell off the bed.

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