1- Beat eggs for 5 minutes until fluffy .

2- How many fluffy 4x4s does one company need?

3- The large dog breed features fluffy fur around its face .

4- I suspect the " fluffy " side gets disproportionate emphasis.

5- This cake is incredibly moist, yet fluffy .

6- The sky was deep blue with a few white fluffy clouds.

7- Cream together the sugar and butter until fluffy .

8- Beat the shortening and sugar together until fluffy .

9- The fluffy young ones were on one side.

10- It generally does not contain weed seeds and is fluffy .

11- Add sugar and beat until light and fluffy .

12- Less dense forms are soft and fluffy and seem comfortable.

13- This method creates a fluffy rice with each grain separated.

14- A fluffy ball is thrown to a student.

15- Continue to beat until the mixture is fluffy .

16- Traditionally the fluffy tail is long and erect.

17- Beat butter and sugar until very pale and fluffy .

18- Cream butter and sugars until light and fluffy .

19- It made it very light and fluffy .

20- But her favourites are these white fluffy ones.

21- She had bought it blue and pink fluffy toys.

22- Her fluffy white head was bent over the bag.

23- Cream the butter and sugar until fluffy .

24- In a chilled mixing bowl, beat egg whites until fluffy .

25- Your recipe is great, fluffy and moist looking.

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