1- I must get home before it gets dark.

2- I don't mind if you go to bed before I get home.

3- I am going to do my homework when I get home this afternoon.

4- Ah, well I've bandaged it for the meantime but if that's awkward then it's fine to replace it with a plaster when you get home.

5- Night coming on, people began to get home.

6- I'm sorry about the mess in the kitchen, I'll clean it up when I get home.

7- After the football match the railway station was swamped with drunken fans trying to get home.

8- He managed to get home before dark.

9- We'll eat lunch after we get home.

10- I usually get home by six o'clock.

11- Please phone me the instant you get home.

12- Students always complain when they get homework, but they know that they need it in order to progress.

13- The boss called a meeting for 4:00 on Friday, but he promised it would be very brief because he knew everyone wanted to get home as soon as possible.

14- Alone in the big city, I began to get homesick.

15- When I get home, someone will be cleaning the garage.

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