1- Elton John's handwritten lyrics of his televised, funeral tribute to Princess Diana, were sold at auction for $442,500 in February 1998.

2- Weeks earlier, Kasich had handwritten a letter to Nixon which resulted in an invitation to the White House.

3- 'Some of them are handwritten , some are translated.

4- A 14-page handwritten note was found but authorities did release further details.

5- A great start is with a handwritten thank you note.

6- A handwritten manuscript called "I Sat Belonely" went for $137,000.

7- Also send a handwritten thank-you for a college or job recommendation.

8- Among them are David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust costumes and the original handwritten lyrics to Blue Monday by New Order.

9- Among them was a handwritten draft of a speech, planned for a writers' conference.

10- Another photo showed a handwritten message next to a press officer identity card.

11- Claudette Okemow holds up a handwritten thank-you card from one of the mothers who went through CLOUT's program.

12- Court records showed that police allege they found this handwritten note in a search of Caruso's condo.

13- Currency sign The euro sign; logotype and handwritten .

14- handwritten and typed manuscript, about 50 pages.

15- It is crammed with handwritten letters on the finest paper and even hand-made collages and drawings.

16- It was a photocopy of a letter, handwritten on standard lined paper.

17- Most Somalis communicate via email and mobile phones or send handwritten letters via friends.

18- One corner of the church is dedicated to offerings for the Virgin, including votives and thousands of handwritten notes.

19- Pro tip: handwritten notes always go over very well.

20- Roi later sent the couple a handwritten letter, which the Free Press posted online and can be seen below.

21- The drudgery of handwritten spending logs has long since given way to online and desktop money-management programs.

22- The worker's recollection is the same as handwritten notes he took immediately after the shooting.

23- We're (forced to) work like oxen," the handwritten note said in Chinese.

24- A neighbor presses a handwritten note begging for shelter into a reporter's hand.

25- Academies of scholars sponsored by the empire were formed to comment on the classics in both printed and handwritten form.

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