1- The ice-skating arena in Duncan features a giant hockey stick as a decoration on the outside of the building.

2- The most important thing for my son when we go to a hockey tournament out of town is whether or not the hotel we stay at has a swimming pool.

3- If you ask me, ice hockey is infinitely better than football.

4- It's faster, and way more exciting.

5- Instead of everyone taking their own car, we have decided to charter a bus for the parents and players to go up island for the hockey tournament.

6- Russia's sudden exit from the tournament has shocked hockey fans all over the country.

7- hockey is a really tough sport, with players getting hurt quite often.

8- Chicago hockey fans went crazy over their team's loss in the Stanley Cup final.

9- With this fourth consecutive victory in international hockey, the Canadian team has certainly established its supremacy in the sport.

10- He was afraid that his hockey teammates would call him a coward if he didn't fight with the other player.

11- Our firm recently received a commission to design a new logo for a professional hockey team.

12- hockey fever has once again hit the country as the playoffs approach.

13- Kevlar is a versatile new material which is used for everything from airplane wings, to bullet-proof vests, to hockey sticks.

14- hockey star Wayne Gretzky is perhaps Canada's most famous athlete.

15- Wayne Gretzky is recognized by his contemporaries as the greatest player the game of ice hockey has ever seen.

16- Recently, a young spectator at a hockey game in the U.

17- S.

18- was killed after getting hit in the head by the puck.

19- The winning hockey team was chiefly composed of Canadian players.

20- We went to Boston with a gang of friends to see the Bruins hockey game.

21- The triumphant Czech hockey team was welcomed by thousands of fans after their 1998 gold medal victory in the Olympics.

22- Dave picked up a case of beer, and I got the pizza to have while we watched the hockey game.

23- Our hockey team is looking for a corporate sponsor to help us with costs.

24- Do you know what the final score was in the hockey game? It was 2-2 when we left.

25- According to a study, 68 percent of professional ice hockey players have lost at least one tooth.

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