1- There is a Haitian proverb which holds that ignorance doesn't kill you, but it does make you sweat a lot.

2- Thomas Weston once remarked that prejudice is just another word for ignorance.

3- Harold Macmillan once remarked, "I have never found, in a long experience of politics, that criticism is ever inhibited by ignorance.

4- "A Filipino proverb suggests that the bitterness of studying is preferable to the bitterness of ignorance.

5- He soon betrayed his ignorance.

6- Robert Ingersoll once said that ignorance is the soil in which belief in miracles grows.

7- Derek Bok once remarked that if you think education is expensive, try ignorance.

8- His ignorance of politics is really surprising, given that his parents have been involved in social issues all their lives.

9- He professes ignorance of the fact.

10- They pretended ignorance.

11- Goethe once stated that nothing is more terrible than ignorance in action.

12- He seemed surprised by my ignorance.

13- He pretended ignorance, which made me still more angry.

14- Heraclitus observed that it is better to hide ignorance, but it is hard to do this when we relax over wine.

15- He ought to be ashamed of his ignorance.

16- He took advantage of my ignorance and deceived me.

17- They got into the grip of ignorance and poverty.

18- There is a Japanese proverb which states that he who admits to his ignorance shows it once only, whereas he who tries to hide it shows it frequently.

19- I was in entire ignorance of what had happened.

20- My ignorance of cars is embarrassing when I have to talk to my mechanic about problems my van is having.

21- Someone once suggested that he that boasts of his own knowledge proclaims his ignorance.

22- She put on an assumption of ignorance.

23- True science teaches us to doubt and to abstain from ignorance.

24- His complete ignorance of the accident surprised me.

25- Abigail Van Buren once said that a little learning is a dangerous thing, but it still beats total ignorance.

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