1- The many ferries along the Congo River are a vital link in this region where roads are few and are frequently impassable.

2- And a number of secondary roads were left impassable from mud and some residents were trapped in their homes.

3- Corruption, power outages, and impassable roads - and the palpable threat of chaos - are part of daily life.

4- Etowah County Emergency Management Director Deborah Gaither told CNN there are several impassable roads in the county.

5- RCMP say the roads in the New Glasgow area are impassable.

6- Snow usually makes Highway 46 impassable by late November or into December.

7- That's when the roads become impassable.

8- The size of the fissures there make the higher reaches impassable on foot.

9- Unseen, we'd shout greetings across the impassable tundra.

10- ;Crud : This covers varieties of snow that all but advanced skiers find impassable.

11- Airdropped supplies to the isolated infantrymen were common as the trail was impassable to motor vehicles.

12- By 1912, only eight cable car lines remained, all with steep gradients impassable to electric streetcars.

13- Dorchester Road, a main thoroughfare, remained impassable Wednesday in some spots.

14- On a certain part of the first floor, there is a seemingly impassable wall of rubble.

15- Police said weather conditions made the Burgeo highway impassable earlier this week.

16- Roads were impassable or nonexistent, and bridges were destroyed or washed away.

17- The area was considered by some to be impassable to vehicles.

18- The Carael section of the Zambales highway became impassable due to rising floodwaters.

19- The ground became virtually impassable with dead and wounded horses and men, so the enemy could not close the gun-line.

20- Thirteen communities in the country were completely isolated from the rest of the world after Keith made roads impassable.

21- This was in part due to the amount of railroad property tranversing the area which proved impassable for larger apparatus.

22- The paved roads leading to Moscow became craters under constant Russian artillery fire, rendering them impassable.

23- Lewis and Clark followed horses through impassable rapids since migrating horses are known to follow along rivers.

24- Now a nature reserve, the Koutavos Lagoon was once an almost impassable swamp where mosquitoes and malaria were rife.

25- The river overlowing can also make access to plantations impassable along local roads which cross Molioli River in parts.

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