1- In April of 1997, the Labor Party, with Tony Blair at its head, won a landslide victory in Britain's general election.

2- But within hours, it was clear that the landslide was massive and the toll devastating.

3- Fleetwood Mac's ballad landslide"" played in the background."

4- He finished with 20 points, 13 rebounds, and sat for the fourth quarter of a 134-108 landslide.

5- Many of those farms are now under water, and massive landslides are a problem.

6- Most landslide fatalities are from rock fall, debris-flows, or volcanic debris flows.

7- Recent rains had softened the ground, and Mexican officials warned of the serious danger from landslides.

8- The landslide swept through crowded residential areas in the city.

9- There have also been landslides that blocked national roads in the two villages.

10- Water behind the landslide could break through at any moment."

11- President 47% landslide" McRomney approves this message.

12- 'We will win a landslide,' Nyan Win told The Associated Press.

13- A landslide in the eastern town of Cerska has buried two women in their homes but they are still alive.

14- A landslide victory for ex-army chief Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi is widely expected.

15- A police officer in Hpakant said rescue efforts were called off because the risk of further landslides was too great.

16- A week and a half later, Winston won the Heisman in a landslide vote.

17- Afghans search for survivors after a massive landslide buried a village in Badakhshan province.

18- An independent geologist says a rapid landslide in unlikely, but the hillside needs to be shored up.

19- Another avalanche or landslide could happen at any time.'

20- Ascent routes typically do not travel through the area where this landslide occurred, Elise Maltin wrote in an email.

21- Authorities could not confirm the number of people who were searching for jade at the time of the landslide.

22- Authorities say that so far there are reports of flooding and landslides, but no word of fatalities or major damage.

23- Because we thought it's no longer about landslides.

24- But IOM staff on the ground said the double landslide killed as many as 2,700 people and affected 14,000 others.

25- By 2004, Putin won his second election in a landslide.

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