1- Many organizations lack strong human resources leadership .

2- The best definition for leadership is "influence".

3- The need for strong leadership is frequently emphasized.

4- These cover both biblical leadership and secular leadership.

5- These cover both biblical leadership and secular leadership .

6- But with great leadership comes great responsibility.

7- Her leadership strengths include creative problem solving and excellent communication skills.

8- The main task of leadership is victory.

9- Their contributions and leadership are very much appreciated.

10- The state needs dramatically better leadership from statewide education policymakers.

11- This course addresses interdisciplinary influences on leadership practice within learning organizations.

12- leadership was very prevalent during that administration.

13- leadership skills are developed through corporate and local courses.

14- Our leadership election reinforced the same themes.

15- Our major challenge is getting leadership from government.

16- We are always ready for leadership transitions.

17- leadership is defined in far narrower ways.

18- Senior leadership was always present and involved.

19- I had been active in leadership roles during high school.

20- What is your attitude toward church leadership ?

21- The local leadership largely comprised youth and women.

22- There are many different styles of leadership .

23- The leadership group has special rights and heavy responsibilities.

24- Are girls getting enough leadership training in schools?

25- Your job is to model positive leadership .

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