1- He leaves for school at seven.

2- She leaves for Tokyo next month.

3- I leave for Paris tomorrow.

4- He is about to leave for London.

5- He will leave for Paris next month.

6- I leave for London tomorrow morning.

7- We leave for Karuizawa this afternoon.

8- He had to leave for Tokyo on short notice.

9- He has been on sick leave for a month now.

10- I leave for school at eight every morning.

11- I'm planning to leave for Europe next week.

12- My son is going to leave for France next week.

13- What time does the next train leave for Tokyo?

14- My parents leave for New Zealand next Saturday.

15- They are scheduled to leave for New York on Sunday.

16- I don't know when she will leave for London.minshirui

17- I was about to leave for work when the telephone rang.

18- I had planned to leave for New York the next morning.bourdu

19- He will leave for the station an hour before the train leaves.

20- We are planning to leave for Beirut as soon as we can get a visa.

21- In our haste to leave for our camping trip, we actually forgot to bring our tent.

22- We heard the boom of thunder just as we were getting ready to leave for our picnic.

23- We heard the boom of thunder just as we were getting ready to leave for our picnic.

24- Our connecting flight doesn't leave for a few hours, so why don't we find some place to eat?

25- The information you received stating that the CEO has resigned is erroneous. He is simply taking an extended leave for health reasons.

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