1- The U.S. provides military aid through many different channels.

2- Lebanon is a major recipient of foreign military aid .

3- But it did not specifically cite military aid .

4- Most of that goes toward military aid .

5- The government of Pennsylvania sent military aid .

6- They have requested military aid , including training and arms.

7- Israel and Egypt both received massive American military aid .

8- So is Indian military aid to Afghanistan.

9- The issue facing India is military aid to Afghanistan.

10- We have been providing nonlethal military aid .

11- Leahy has written legislative language restricting military aid to Egypt.

12- Without military aid , this development would have been impossible.

13- military aid was given, but in only small quantities.

14- China terminates all economic and military aid to Albania.

15- India has agreed to resume the military aid to Nepal.

16- military aid was promised by Obama in June.

17- Ford still hoped to gain additional military aid for South Vietnam.

18- The US is giving Indonesia $1.5billion in military aid .

19- The Pentagon also denied reports that military aid had been cut off.

20- The U.S. government increased military aid to $140 million in 2010.

21- Precisely for this reason, military aid becomes strategic.

22- The French proposed channelling military aid via the Iraqis.

23- Finland then turned to Nazi Germany for military aid .

24- He also began to accept increasing amounts of Soviet bloc military aid .

25- Difficulties increased even more after the cessation of military aid .

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