1- The tongue is covered with moist, pink tissue called mucosa .

2- They are stable secretory proteins expressed in gastrointestinal mucosa .

3- In some experiments the mucosa was completely devoid of mast cells.

4- At the bladder neck, the mucosa is transitional cell epithelium.

5- Occasional islands of regenerative mucosa were present.

6- The health today makes as the canada xenical buy expensive mucosa .

7- The cecal mucosa is either not involved or has mild lesions.

8- Using specific burs through the sleeves the mucosa is removed.

9- The worms suck blood voraciously and damage the mucosa .

10- They are absorbed well from the stomach and intestinal mucosa .

11- The mucosa was noted to be very friable.

12- Where diverticulum contains embryonic remnants of mucosa of other tissue types.

13- There also have been pheromone receptor genes found in olfactory mucosa .

14- Twenty biopsy specimens had previously been noted to show Barrett's mucosa .

15- Rhinitis means inflammation of the nasal lining or mucosa .

16- Furthermore, the state of the gastric mucosa was not described.

17- As adults they move freely on the surface of the mucosa .

18- These clinics also have a mucosa of the anal membrane.

19- When they developed, they were distributed throughout the oxyntic mucosa .

20- The small bowel mucosa has distinct proliferative and functional epithelial cell subpopulations.

21- It provided humidification from the moist lining, the mucosa .

22- The overlying mucosa may be either intact or ulcerated.

23- The mucosa has a rich blood supply and it is relatively permeable.

24- The metal basket holds the gall bladder mucosa clear of the impeller.

25- The cells of the inner oral cavity are called the buccal mucosa .

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