1- The position is neither transferable nor negotiable .

2- An 8 per cent GDP growth rate is non negotiable .

3- Fit which includes four heat pumps is negotiable .

4- Salary negotiable based on experience plus benefits.

5- Credit report status is not always negotiable .

6- Debt securities are negotiable instruments serving as evidence of debt.

7- Almost everything is negotiable , including the loan interest rate.

8- The route should be negotiable year-round whenever conditions are dry.

9- The salary and benefits package is competitive and negotiable .

10- Procedures for investigating and processing harassment complaints are negotiable .

11- Some boats are available for hire, price negotiable .

12- Compensation is negotiable depending on level of experience.

13- The other positions it takes are presumably negotiable .

14- Here are the negotiable items you listed.

15- Release is negotiable and may be restricted.

16- Also ask if the fee is negotiable .

17- Bonds to pay were treated as negotiable .

18- Are your payment terms and conditions negotiable ?

19- negotiable obligations of federal or state banks.

20- Like anything, the compensation is negotiable .

21- Wants are negotiable , needs are not.

22- Turn Key potential as furnishings are negotiable .

23- This is a paid position and the pay is somewhat negotiable .

24- Train fares, too, were negotiable .

25- Procedures for investigating and processing discrimination and harassment complaints are negotiable .

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