1- The young girls danced non-stop for about 5 hours at a rave being held in a hall downtown.

2- This has been going on for an hour non-stop,' he said.

3- Treat yourself to a variety of first-class amenities, extended room service, and non-stop activities.

4- 'I couldn't really stay there and look at red screens every day and nervous clients calling me non-stop,' he says.

5- 'Our goal is to compete for each and every black voter through non-stop engagement effort.'

6- Alaska added five new non-stop destinations of its own including Tampa and New Orleans.

7- An initially promising mystery, non-stop screeches to a halt near the end.

8- At 89 a ticket, each guest will enjoy a short practice, non-stop 30-minute race and then the Christmas dinner.

9- At 76 hours into the journey, he broke the record for the longest ever non-stop solo flight without refuelling.

10- Even Miller's offseason has been non-stop.

11- Getting there: JetBlue flies non-stop from Seattle to Long Beach.

12- He said he has been working non-stop since his stint on Britain's Got Talent.

13- He'll also ski off a cliff and then free fall the rest of the way -- all in one long, non-stop, breathtaking ride.

14- In third spot was last week's number one film, "non-stop", the Liam Neeson action movie set on an long-haul flight.

15- It took them almost 36 hours of non-stop work to set up the dominoes at the university's stadium in Hsinchu City.

16- Liam Neeson asks in a clip from "non-stop" featured below.

17- Next weekend, the action releases continue as Liam Neeson's "non-stop" hits theaters.

18- People are fleeing because the shelling is non-stop.

19- Previously, bankruptcy only applied to legal entities, meaning individuals could be pursued non-stop over debts.

20- The average non-stop commute is forty-five minutes.

21- The battle for the town had involved non-stop shelling before the rebels stormed it for street-to-street fighting.

22- The joy at each separate victory grows into non-stop euphoria.

23- The pro-I-594 commercials are running non-stop day and night.

24- The Taliban had threatened that they would launch "non-stop" assaults during the vote.

25- This non-stop show is packed with thrilling and sophisticated magic of unprecedented proportions.

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