1- Seoul is located approximately 55 miles northeast .

2- In the northeast corner is another bedroom.

3- The armies formed opposing lines along a northeast –southwest axis.

4- The system initially moved east to northeast while slowly strengthening.

5- The northeast corner has an industrial base.

6- The general wind direction is from northeast .

7- The northeast end is dotted with residential colonies.

8- North northeast wind 8 to 11 mph .

9- His army headed swiftly northeast toward Jackson.

10- He initially sailed south before turning northeast toward Newport.

11- I instead continued roughly northeast on the paved road.

12- The northeast has seen a 74 percent increase in precipitation.

13- Both lines ran initially to the northeast .

14- This site was 100 feet northeast of the multiple burial.

15- It is located approximately 65 ft northeast of the main house.

16- There is another porch at the northeast corner.

17- The northeast saw local amounts of over 15 cm.

18- The field has been offset approximately 20 yards to the northeast .

19- To the northeast are several cross faults that trend northeast.

20- To the northeast are several cross faults that trend northeast .

21- It usually causes strong northeast winds with rain or snow.

22- The two directions bend northeast along the reservoir.

23- This system rapidly tracked northeast and dissipated two days later.

24- Surface water salinity increases from southwest to northeast .

25- Work on the northeast –southwest route continued.

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