1- However, when it comes to express entry, Kurland is concerned about the lack of openness.

2- I see more restrictive policies possibly prevailing over the openness that Germany attempted this summer.

3- openness to spiritual life is just one aspect of a well-lived life.

4- What we truly need is more openness,"" he said."

5- 'More openness and transparency is the best way to resolve doubts about openness and transparency,' Ko said.

6- 'There is no tradition of openness in Saudi Arabia.'

7- 'Toronto is facing serious challenges," said Soknacki, who added he was focusing on openness and accountability.

8- 'You need real openness and honesty to address the issue.

9- A large part of soft power comes from the inherent openness and vibrancy of the people of the country.

10- And it's there that broader openness is key.

11- But critics warn that plans to create a European routing system could affect the openness of the Internet.

12- But that's about as far as the openness goes, at least for the time being.

13- By 'real engagement' I mean openness to, and respect for, the different viewpoints that make up our campus community.

14- Chasing after mere favorability and openness is an unbecoming act of desperation.

15- Extremist organizations operate with varying degrees of openness; several are banned officially.

16- For the plaza below, the goal is that height and openness would energize the setting and draw people through.

17- He also said there should be more openness about the way strikes are carried out.

18- I am confident that council will work through this difficult and controversial issue with openness and transparency.

19- I kind of like the openness of being able to fly between our communities without having any security check, he said.

20- I think it's the openness - from all of you.

21- I worry such openness won't continue in the wake of this scandal.

22- If anything this creates an atmosphere of adult responsibility and openness, not sneaky hiddenness.

23- I'm a reluctant polyamorous," she said, referring to her openness to non-exclusive loving relationships.

24- In some contexts, race is treated with an openness that often shocks foreigners.

25- In the report, Taylor stressed that Quebecers need to demonstrate an "openness and generosity of spirit" for minorities.

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