1- The girl form Welches, Oregon left the hospital last year with partial paralysis in the right side of her body.

2- Now he has partial paralysis and cannot move his legs normally."

3- 73344 However, I didn't know I broke my back until a couple days later when my right leg started having partial paralysis. 21.0353

4- Brady survived his wounds that day, although he was left with slurred speech, partial paralysis and difficulty walking.

5- Henderson suffered a stroke in 1950 resulting in partial paralysis that ended his days as a pianist.

6- partial paralysis resulted in an atrophied left arm.

7- Affected children commonly have developmental delays , partial paralysis and seizures.

8- Bruschi suffered from partial paralysis and was admitted to Massachusetts General Hospital.

9- Berry traveled a long and difficult road toward recovery from brain damage and partial paralysis .

10- Four years on, Claire has been left with partial paralysis of the legs.

11- At the end of Ramadaan, he experienced the effects of partial paralysis .

12- Reportedly, he was only spared imprisonment by the fact of his partial paralysis .

13- The injuries include partial paralysis , amputations and, in one case, blindness.

14- The illness left him with partial paralysis of his right side and inhibited his speech.

15- There was also partial paralysis in the hands and feet and loss of muscle tone.

16- Jan was still suffering the effects of his 1966 accident, with partial paralysis and aphasia.

17- The reports claimed that the stroke had caused partial paralysis on the right side of his body.

18- Mother Marija died on 9 July 1956, after three years of partial paralysis caused by illness.

19- Some effects are expected (i.e., partial paralysis of a limb on the affected side).

20- As with other victims, she also reported feeling weak and experiencing partial paralysis of her legs.

21- She suffered partial paralysis of her spinal muscles and the loss of the use of both legs.

22- After partial paralysis and a long illness, she finally regained her health with the antibiotic Doxycycline.

23- Seizures and trembling overcome the patient, and in extreme cases, partial paralysis of the extremities.

24- Some of Hall's symptoms partial paralysis , slurred speech, delirium certainly fit that diagnosis.

25- He developed partial paralysis .

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