1- According to police, only one third of those who apply to the police academy are African American.

2- Gunmen attacked a police academy on the outskirts of Lahore, Pakistan, killing at least 12 people.

3- He attended school in Bronaugh then later the police academy.

4- He had also graduated from the police academy in January.

5- I would like to thank God, the police academy, the Police Department, my family, friends, and love ones," he wrote.

6- In 3, is the right hand man of Mauser's police academy.

7- KBOI 2News took the device to an Idaho police academy instructor and former police sergeant, Rob Namer.

8- Mr. Davis is a 2012 graduate of Kilgore police academy and works at the Perryton Police Department.

9- People aged 16-18 can apply for cadetships, and if aged over 18, apply straight to police academy.

10- Police have reported West graduated from the police academy in December 2013.

11- Santiago, 23, graduated from the police academy in December.

12- The current police academy class has nine Hispanic recruits.

13- The defense team acknowledges that Porter was trained at the police academy to secure detainees with seat belts.

14- A charred taxi cab smoked near what remained of the minibus, yards from a police academy gate.

15- At the end of probation, they undergo an orientation training of few weeks at the assigned state's police academy.

16- Before he was to graduate his father was sent to prison for life, and at Hoss's urging, Jeffrey entered the police academy.

17- Further, the training of all new police officers was shifted to the NYC police academy.

18- Gaye is the uncle of Finnish actor George Gaynes who played Commandant Eric Lassard in the police academy movies.

19- He had been an Armed Forces veteran and a security guard prior to joining the police academy.

20- His published a police manual that same year entitled Syllabus and Instruction Guide of the police academy.

21- Popular sequels 14 photos What would the '80s have been without the "police academy" movies?

22- Popular sequels 15 photos What would the '80s have been without the "police academy" movies?

23- Since the mid-20th century, Fort Saint Elmo has housed Malta's police academy.

24- That attracts a particular type of candidate, and the police academy further entrenches this.

25- They routinely attend the same police academy as local or state police officers.

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