1- This center was poorly lit and quite gloomy .

2- Curtain up on a poorly lit bar.

3- Dieffenbachia benefits from supplementary lighting in poorly lit areas.

4- There is also the legacy of cramped, poorly lit housing.

5- poorly lit and the same school canteen type of accommodation.

6- They were damp, airless, overcrowded and poorly lit .

7- The roads are poorly lit and animals can roam across without being noticed.

8- Some places that are charming in daylight are poorly lit and dangerous at night .

9- At least 60% of all traffic accidents take place in poorly lit conditions.

10- It was poorly lit and I realized that Lusaka was not Harare.

11- The buildings were very impressive from outside but were poorly lit from inside and not particularly interesting.

12- It is poorly lit though better than some of the other places I have traveled to.

13- Preservation Calendula should be stored in a cool , ventilated, poorly lit and dry place.

14- In poorly lit conditions lifeguards transferred the patient to Helimed, in preparation for transfer to hospital.

15- The lavish scenery of Jules Chéret was poorly lit , detracting from the quality of the production.

16- U.S. citizens are advised to avoid open air public parks after dark as they are poorly lit and policed.

17- Thus , areas in the game which are poorly lit will no longer be filled with magical blue sunlight.

18- Some people traveled to many club, Precisely these people were contacted by using a poorly lit needing euro.

19- It was poorly lit , with burning torches hanging from the walls, casting long shadows across the cold floor.

20- Check your surroundings -- if the ABM is in a poorly lit or hidden area, use another one.

21- Many have benefitted including several village children who can now study using solar lanterns in their previously poorly lit homes.

22- The covers erected in 1976 over the walkways blocked sunlight, leaving much of the market dingy and poorly lit .

23- At first, the mummies were displayed in a poorly lit tunnel that visitors entered with a torch or candle.

24- He had left the gas low so that the room was poorly lit , but he could see well enough.

25- None of us like to go in poorly lit areas, it automatically raises our fear level doesn't it?

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