1- The federal tax burden never returned to pre-war levels.

2- The pre-war audience had primarily been men and prostitutes.

3- The majority are descendants of pre-war immigrants.

4- This policy was reiterated several times throughout the pre-war era.

5- The sense of reaction against pre-war social institutions was strong.

6- By now the pre-war electrification scheme had been revived.

7- Only four of the officers were pre-war .

8- Only around 1900 did its population return to pre-war levels.

9- A pre-war Alta competition model in circuit racing trim.

10- However, immense resources are spent merely to restore pre-war conditions.

11- He specifically wanted a classic pre-war Ford.

12- By 1959, pre-war production levels still had not been met.

13- In comparison, the pre-war changes seemed tame.

14- Subsequently, fatalities dropped 20 percent below the pre-war figure.

15- The pre-war rule insisting that audiences wear formal evening dress was abolished.

16- pre-war models were being produced at a slow rate.

17- The memories of her pre-war childhood came flooding back.

18- Interesting to hear about the pre-war story.

19- What was the training about in those pre-war days?

20- The car had some advanced features for being a pre-war project.

21- He never managed to truly to regain his pre-war success however.

22- Miller reacted angrily to criticism of her pre-war reporting.

23- He did not continue his pre-war research with isotopes.

24- Intelligence about the dock itself came from pre-war technical journals.

25- Tommy did all the pre-war Chapel outings.

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