1- The goal was to increase patronage and public acceptance .

2- public acceptance , however, required complicity in racial segregation.

3- Genetically modified plants: developing countries and the public acceptance debate.

4- The coins had been struck as a trial to gauge public acceptance .

5- public acceptance in the U.S. was the reason eugenic legislation was passed.

6- US NEP programs have proliferated, despite lack of public acceptance .

7- public acceptance is fundamental to bring about changes in consumer attitudes and behaviour.

8- Rosatom's Social Council plays a major role in achieving public acceptance .

9- They are asking for legal recognition and public acceptance of their *marriages*.

10- Perhaps unwittingly, Margaret paved the way for public acceptance of royal divorce.

11- And yet surprisingly little is known about the factors which make for public acceptance .

12- Undoubtedly, public acceptance of the physically handicapped will be easier to achieve.

13- We don't always recognise there is such broad public acceptance of our cultural reality.

14- The report discusses issues associated with public acceptance , engineering, economics, and regulations.

15- Societal considerations in the management of nuclear waste with regard to the public acceptance .

16- The Illuminati is just making a last-minute desperate grab for public acceptance before the curtain falls.

17- The report also notes a trend toward rising public acceptance of cohabiting couples over the years.

18- Gay people are not asking for legal recognition or public acceptance of their *sex*.

19- The emphasis is on public acceptance of new technologies as a variable in national economic performance.

20- Others blindly chase public acceptance by going along with the rules and fashions of the moment.

21- In doing so, it made public acceptance of food produced by GMOs much more problematic.

22- Now after substantial staffing cuts, SSA is at the bottom of the public acceptance list.

23- To gain public acceptance , the conference resolved to end slavery by Black and Islamic powers.

24- Yet still further evidence your argument is all wrong: public acceptance of evolution varies between nations.

25- This marked the beginning of a slow change towards public acceptance of homosexuality which is still ongoing.

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