1- A draft questionnaire has already been piloted.

2- His questionnaire is more detailed and more revealing.

3- The third section introduces the questionnaire instrument.

4- All data were updated at biennial questionnaire cycles.

5- The third step involves developing a questionnaire .

6- These questionnaires were completed within the week following assessment.

7- The survey questionnaire was divided into three main parts.

8- The main methods used to assess outcomes were questionnaires .

9- Hospital managers were surveyed using a mailed questionnaire .

10- The clinic and physician questionnaires were virtually identical.

11- Approximately 300 screening questionnaires were completed during the week.

12- The questionnaires were collected every other week.

13- Data was collected using closed and open ended questionnaires .

14- The questionnaire was divided into three sections.

15- CR data is gathered monthly via a questionnaire .

16- Primary data was collected through a structured questionnaire .

17- The questionnaire was carefully constructed and properly setup.

18- The participants filled out food frequency questionnaires every 4 years.

19- Diet was assessed by food frequency questionnaires .

20- A common measurement for life satisfaction is questionnaires .

21- They may evaluate inmates using questionnaires and psychological tests.

22- The 2011 census questionnaire included 56 questions in total.

23- A rehearsal questionnaire was released in 2009.

24- A standardised questionnaire which studies sexual impotence problems.

25- One such organization distributed questionnaires to circumcised men.

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