1- Every time my dog meets another dog, he just has to go through this whole bum-sniffing ritual before we can continue our walk.

2- Green tea is an essential part of the daily ritual in China.

3- Julius Erving once said that the key to success is to keep growing in all areas of life - mental, emotional, spiritual, as well as physical.

4- Martin Luther King maintained that our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power, with the result that we have guided missiles, and misguided men.

5- Weddings in Croatia often involve traditional folk elements, as well as church rituals.

6- The origin of the ritual is somewhat obscure, and lost in time.

7- Stephen R.

8- Covey once suggested that we are not human beings on a spiritual journey.

9- We are spiritual beings on a human journey.

10- Find someone who has tried a high-risk sport, such as parachuting or bungy jumping.

11- ritualIn Tibetan Buddhism, many ritual instruments are made of human bone.

12- The spiritual leader of Iran, Ayatollah Khomeini, returned to his country from exile in France after the overthrow of the Shah.

13- The rise in New Age spiritualism is merely a manifestation of the difficulty some people experience in moving from a traditional, religious society into a modern, scientific society.

14- Christianity differed from other cults popular in the Middle East at the time in that Christian rituals did not include animal or blood sacrifices, except in symbolic form.

15- The sauna is very much a way of life in Finland, and is a part of the weekly ritual of all people.

16- The aborigines of Australia had an elaborate ritual life, supported by the world's simplest known material technologies.

17- Weddings in Croatia often include traditional folk elements, in addition to the rituals of the church.

18- Nevertheless, devout conversation on spiritual things helps no little with spiritual progress.

19- Someone once said that the ritual of marriage is not simply a social event, it is a crossing of threads in the fabric of fate.

20- If someone wants the ceremony to be held in accordance with Japanese Shinto ritual, then that is possible at this church.

21- Scott Peck once observed that Nirvana, or lasting enlightenment, or true spiritual growth can be achieved only through persistent exercise of real love.

22- Someone once said that the ritual of marriage is not simply a social event, it is a crossing of threads in the fabric of fate.

23- It has been suggested that we are given children to test us, and make us more spiritual.

24- I suppose that what we mean by beauty is that object, spiritual or material, more often material, which satisfies our aesthetic sense.

25- So-called magic mushrooms have been used for centuries, primarily in the context of religious rituals and ceremonies.

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