1- In North America it is against the law to fail to fasten your seatbelt.

2- She was obviously uneasy during the take off, and kept checking her seatbelt.

3- We should always wear a seatbelt in case we have an accident.

4- There are two seatbelts in the front, and three in the rear of the car.

5- It was a sobering thought to realize that if I hadn't worn a seatbelt, I could have been seriously injured in the accident.

6- After the accident, she realized that if she hadn't worn a seatbelt, she could have been killed.

7- I have yet to hear a really valid argument against the seatbelt law.

8- The child was completely unharmed in the accident, thanks to his seatbelt.

9- His seatbelt is too loose, it won't protect him if we're in an accident!The driver of the car suffered minor internal injuries from his seatbelt, but was otherwise okay.

10- Please don't unfasten your seatbelts until the plane has come to a complete stop.

11- Please fasten your seatbelts in preparation for landing.

12- seatbelt use is compulsory in the province of British Columbia.

13- seatbelts sometimes give motorists a false sense of security, and may encourage them to take risks.

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