1- A drunken, angry patron was escorted out of the casino by a security guard.

2- One of the men involved in the bank robbery posed as a security guard to gain access to the vault.

3- The police arrested a man posing as a security guard as he tried to enter the bank.

4- He works as a security guard in a large company, but wants to become a police officer.

5- He earns a modest income working as a security guard at a seniors' complex.

6- He is working as a security guard at a warehouse.

7- The cashier tried to stall the robber until the store security guard arrived.

8- The President's security guard jumped in front of him to act as a shield protecting him from the gunman's bullet.

9- David Cameron is a swear word up here,"" said one security guard, asking not to be named."

10- The security guard was wounded in Thursday's attack at the Cure International Hospital in western Kabul.

11- A Hawkeye security guard, who was also shot, has since been released from hospital.

12- A manager and a security guard were also hospitalized with injuries.

13- A security guard approached a man to ask him about a theft.

14- A security guard at the entrance to the school said no members of the media would be allowed access to the property.

15- A security guard claimed it was the other way round, and he had called Mr Pistorius first after reports of gunfire.

16- A security guard gave his version of events.

17- A security guard in Amchide at the time of the attack confirmed the officer's information.

18- A security guard shoots Murray several times, but police rule his death a suicide.

19- A security guard stands in front of a screen showing Xiaomi mobile phones ahead of the launching ceremony

20- A security guard vacationing at a seaside resort two hundred miles northwest of Tokyo vanished in mid-September.

21- A security guard was on duty all night at The Panorama building, which is being redeveloped.

22- At a store in downtown Minneapolis, a security guard warned entering shoppers that some of the registers were down.

23- At her own San Francisco apartment, the woman said she was approached by a security guard in Chahal's employ.

24- By bus, it had taken Nakhale nearly four hours a day to get to and from his job as a bank security guard in Seattle.

25- During the robbery, Sean was shot by a security guard.

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