1- These policies are designed to target Taiwan's semiconductor and other manufacturing industries.

2- 'It's time to see Samsung as a semiconductor company,' Woori Investment & Securities analyst Lee Sei-cheol said.

3- 'semiconductors, the brightest spot for Samsung over the past year, keep on trucking.'

4- Agam Shah covers PCs, tablets, servers, chips and semiconductors for IDG News Service.

5- Among those on the flight were 20 employees of U.S. chipmaker Freescale semiconductor.

6- And TriQuint semiconductor (TQNT) has soared more than 150% in 2014.

7- Exports of electrical machinery, semiconductors and vehicles contributed to the nearly 10 percent increase in exports.

8- Her death galvanized concern about conditions at Samsung factories and South Korea's semiconductor industry in general.

9- However, it's not hard to see why the semiconductor firm would want to support Chrome gear.

10- I live in an area where a semiconductor manufacturer just ended production.

11- John Bardeen was the only physicist to receive the prize twice, for work in semiconductors and superconductivity.

12- Samsung's earnings are better distributed among business divisions, such as semiconductors and components.

13- Silicon is used to create most semiconductors.

14- Sturiale was new to Jafco but, fortunately, had some experience in the semiconductor arena.

15- Taiwan semiconductor Manufacturing Co. said in July it may post its first revenue decline in almost four years.

16- That would be a source of pain for semiconductor makers and drug companies, said Jack Ablin of BMO Private Bank.

17- The answer is the fact that it is a semiconductor - a substance whose electrical conductivity can be manipulated.

18- The country's factories produce about one-fifth of the world's semiconductors and 40 percent of electronic components.

19- The iPhone 6S CPUs were produced by Taiwan semiconductor Manufacturing Co (TSMC) and South Korea's Samsung.

20- The next transistor, semiconductor, or breakthrough in MRI technology may already have been discovered.

21- The researchers believe the semiconductors in the chips can be replaced by individual molecules.

22- Then in the 1980s its companies made a big push into semiconductors.

23- Low energy ions are used for the surfaces of semiconductor films.

24- A photoconductor is a semiconductor that becomes conductive when exposed to light.

25- A mass in the cavity is supported in cantilever fashion by the piezoresistant arms of the semiconductor layer.

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