1- The new " send mail " window.

2- We highly encourage sending mail , but we discourage phone calls.

3- You have tried to send mail to yourself.

4- But it actually existed in my sent mail .

5- I had over 8000 files in my sent mail folder.

6- Don't pretend you are someone else when sending mail .

7- So I can send mail to you.

8- Any comments or pointers ?== Click here to send mail .

9- It takes ages to send mail in English >.

10- Only Manx stamps are valid for sending mail using the postal system.

11- Philosophically , I feel sending mail should be free.

12- I've sent mail to Ken to reserve one.

13- How can I send mail from The Bahamas?

14- Can I send mail to my Expeditioner?

15- He sends mail himself; replies should go to the Group mailbox.

16- You can send mail to these " Addresses" as well!

17- Example Suppose host A.D.COM sends mail to host C.D.COM.

18- This unfortunately opens up the issue of logging in, to send mail .

19- The MIME::Lite module creates and sends mail with MIME-encoded attachments.

20- Systems that send mail must be capable of handling outgoing mail for all valid addresses.

21- At the very minimum, MAPI compatible mail would be needed for sending mail .

22- The RBL system is used to restrict who can send mail to your site.

23- Exactly how you send depends on what software you're using to send mail .

24- To subscribe, send mail to the subscription address and fill out the message appropriately.

25- When did you last send mail to your entire list, and how many pieces bounced?

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